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Três Avistamentos Na Virada do Ano Novo

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Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC - (ACCET)
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA

Within a minute after midnight, a brilliant starcraft appeared to one side of Boston's New Year's Midnight celebration. It put on one of the most amazing displays I have seen in a lifetime of UFO watching. There was no way to mistake it for one of the New Year's fireworks. (And no, Cabal debunkers, it was definitely not a "Chinese lantern".)
You can see this Star Nations display right over Boston at:
At the U.S., West Coast, over the Seattle suburb of Auburn, Washington, half an hour after New Year's Eve midnight, two starcraft put on a brilliant display of presence. A video of this display appears on Seattle TV station KOMO, Ch. 4's website blog. You can view this video at:
Farther west, in the U.S. State of Hawaii, (where President Obama is currently vacationing), 1-1/2 hours after the Washington, DC deadline, a constantly-changing-colors starcraft appeared above the Big Island town of Mountain View, HI, as if to let the President know that the Star Nations displays of presence will occur all over the U.S.
You can see this display over Hawai'i at:

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